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Last but not the least, we wish to thank the villagers for sparing their time to answer our questions with patience and kindness. As a result this study focused on Self rated health that has been found to be a good predictor of morbidity and mortality [13], [14].

I called it an alpha version cause I know there are some sort of bug is still being here and user interface is not look so good. Low income people 3. Women get the priority to get good jobs with a handsome salary.

Staples offer little differentiation and are usually compete on the basis of price. BLC works in collaboration with communities, civil society, government and the private sector.

All men should give importance on women decision. The primary outcome was a dichotomous variable which indicated whether participants currently consumed tobacco.

To learn the overall condition of the village and its people. But the cows used to give milks and some of the villagers sell the milk to others. The thing that I found out is that dowry is common matter in Ashokola.

They have to know that educated women can help them in finance. Golora, This village is almost like the other villages all around Bangladesh and learning about the village to project a scenario of the major population of Bangladesh was my main objective.

Secondly we assigned to another village for some transportation problem and for an accident. Along with fluctuation of the transportation cost the price also ebb and flow.

At that time most of the males were out of their house for work and the females were not being able to provide information properly due to lack of knowledge and were reluctant to speak with us about their problems.

Developed a web-based project

The people in other income brackets were farmers and farm their own piece of land or engage in sharecropping. From the village map we can know about the area, total households, household structure, social structure, social resources, natural resources, geographical feature, demography etc of the village.

Currently, the RDP at Golora has the following components: LFE has been designed to provide a brief knowledge over the living structure and social and economic and also the health condition of the rural areas of Bangladesh. We kept one thing in mind - we will have to come to the village for the next 7 to 8 days for gathering other relevant information.

Global NGOs that are working towards helping women get empowered in Bangladesh are still facing difficulties because Bangladesh is a closed society which allows very few changes. The area of the town is She introduced us to Shahjahan Sardar and Asad ali, who are the most knowledgeable persons in the village, they know everything about village mapping.

Our findings on socio-demographic predictors of tobacco consumption are largely consistent with other national and international studies which found significant associations of tobacco use among males, older adults and people with lower education [11, 21, 22].

They have cultivable land of 5 decimal. The members of this household are highly educated. They must have the chance to go abroad, have extra fund for their other facilities that helps them to learn more without any problem relating to money, shelter, and food and so on. And the environment and natural advantage resolves the level of profession related to agriculture in a particular area of our country.

Actually, my project works on the basis of the data collected. Dowry is a major problem in any society. In the village of Rojakpur the vegetables are grown throughout the year.

LFE Report on Health and Medical Services Essay Sample

Lending The lending procedure is automated with the Barcode Technique. Even if the constitution promotes equal rights to women, women still suffer from discrimination and violence that occurs in the home, at the workplace and on the society level as well.

The time was too short to conduct the study. So, they no longer exist. The types of health facilities the villagers are getting. We see that most of respondents give marriage their children above 18 years and that their education must be above class These enterprises are creating employment opportunities for rural people.GDG Dhaka DevFest DhakaIndependent University, Bangladesh - IUB, Plot 16 Block B, Aftabuddin Ahmed Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Sat Nov 24 at pm, GDG DevFest Dhaka is one of the most exclusive developer events happening this year focused on community building ankellysquaresherman.com Rubel Miah, Independent University, Bangladesh, BBA Department, Undergraduate.

Studies Education, Business, and International kellysquaresherman.com This study uses cross-sectional data from “IUB Health and Socio Economic Survey”, a large-scale epidemiologic study which collected data on households in rural communities across four districts in Bangladesh (Manikganj, Sylhet, Bogra and Natore).

The four districts were purposively selected because of the availability of kellysquaresherman.com?doi=/kellysquaresherman.com  · Venues. The venues visited by Independent University, Bangladesh students are: Proshika HRDC, Koitta, Manikganj.

Brac Learning Center, kellysquaresherman.com Finally, we would like to thank others who have provided any kind of information about our report. Last of all, we thank IUB for allowing us to conduct the research and write the report. Purpose of LFE This report is based on Live in Field kellysquaresherman.com://kellysquaresherman.com LFE is a mandatory foundation course for all IUB students where a group of student goes to different rural areas in Bangladesh in a particular time of a semester and participating a https://langcom//journals/.

Lfe report bangladesh bogra iub
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